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Family Diary

04/12/2011 - Jonah had his first soccer practice and game last Saturday. It was a sunny, ninety one degree day without a cloud in the sky or a tree for shade. Despite the heat a throng of people came out to cheer on the chaos that is Pee Wee Soccer. Much like a rugby game, no one was quite sure what the rules were or when they would be enforced. For example, when the game started, it was five to a side. By half time it was whoever wanted to be on the field. I don't think anyone remembers who won, let alone the score. However, I can tell you Jonah scored two goals (one against his team)! He also got one of the only two medals handed out by his team for that game. But, most importantly, he had fun.

05/31/2011 - Last Saturday was Sean & Emily's wedding. This was by far the most fun wedding to which I have been. It had everything: food, drink, music, cake, Cheetos, and a flash mob. What? You've never been to a wedding with Cheetos. Well, you have missed out. The bride registered for the cheezy snack and got bags and bags of it. Oh, and never seen a flash mob close up? The brides' maids organized one to the tune of Lady Gaga's Poker Face. There was much line dancing and rejoicing. When they left, the bride and groom ran through a crowd of sparklers and ringing cow bells. Then a good deal of the party met up again at the pub in which Sean and Emily met.

Yesterday, Jonah and I took Ryan and Angela to the airport. They are spending a month in Tajikistan, a small central Asian country that borders north east Afghanistan, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. I wish them a safe trip and good luck.

06/01/2011 - Yesterday was Jonah's Little Gym Graduation. It was his last class at Little Gym, as he will start school this fall. We'd like to thank the instructors that helped transform him from a toddler stumbling and falling backwards onto the floor to a fast running, tumbling, and jumping child that intentionally throws himself face first towards the floor.

06/06/2011 - Saturday was Jonah's final soccer game. I'd like to tell you how his team finished the season, but they didn't keep score. So, out of the two teams, they either came in first or second. Jonah ended the season with three medals and a trophy. In the final game, he braved 102 degree heat to score one goal and almost score three others.

06/13/2011 - Yesterday was Jared's baptism. Tanya and Jason are very proud. I'm not sure its just because they are his parents or because he was the most laid back child there. The service took over an hour. The other babies were hungry or wet. There was much wailing and gnashing of gums. But, Jared acted like he was at home in a crib watching Yo Gabba Gabba. I wasn't able to take any pictures due to the low light in the church and thongs of people.

08/01/2011 - Although we are still in a drought, we got some rain last week. This turned our yard into a jungle. Seeing all of the work I had to do, Jonah volunteered to help mow. I've uploaded the pictures of him helping in the Random Pics of Jonah section.

08/16/2011 - Yesterday was Jonah's first day of school. Although we could tell he was excited, he was very nonchalant about the whole thing. He didn't seem nervous before school. After school he just simply said he had fun and ate his lunch. Meanwhile, Mom was an emotional wreck. As for me, I'm not too sure about this school. He's had one full day of pre-school and still can't explain or even read the 2010 Federal Tax Code.

10/31/2011 - Another Halloween has come and gone. We are all worn out. I only got one picture. If you would like to see it click here.

11/09/2011 - We have just flown in from Disney World...and boy are our arms tired. Liked that bad joke? Then Disney World is the place for you. From the moment you step on the bus to go to a Disney resort you are bombarded with bad puns. The rides, the restaurants, the attractions all are full of comedians that graduated from the George Burns Knock-Off School of Comedy. However, despite the jokes, we had a wonderful time at the parks. It was a whirl wind tour of four parks in six days. Jonah got thirty three autographs of Disney characters. While at Epcot, Nanci took Jonah and I to lunch at a Japanese restaurant to celebrate my birthday. She surprised me with a Mickey cake. That being said, we were actually there to celebrate Nanci's grandfather's 80th birthday. A large group of family members flew in to surprise him. We had dinner at a swanky Greek restaurant on the Disney Boardwalk and ate a cake designed by Nanci. Just as an aside, be careful when riding on boats at Disney. The captain of the ferry that took us to the Boardwalk ran bow first in to the peer, which had to be shut down for repairs. Anyway, if you would like to see the plethora of pictures from our vacation/birthday parties, they are in the Vacation section.

11/30/2011 - I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Over the weekend we went to Washington, D.C. My uncle, Reggie, wed his fiance, Corey. This was a three day event. Friday, yes Black Friday, was a cocktail party. Saturday was the actual wedding. Sunday was a farewell brunch. Of course the wedding itself took the cake. They stood on a bridge in a fountain at a museum while a District judge performed the ceremony. Afterwards, there was an hour long cocktail party with live birds in cages hanging from the branches of a man made tree. Once the reception area was ready, there was a two course meal and cake. A dance troupe performed and then the surprise main attraction was introduced, Dianna Ross. She did a concert and was followed by a band that played for the rest of the night. Of course I got absolutely no pictures. So, I have to wait for either the official blue ray with the five thousand pictures and hours of video footage; or, I can wait for highlights on E!.

12/26/2011 - Christmashas passed. It was the most relaxing one we've had in a while. For the time since I got married, we weren't attempting to travel all over town to visit everyone host a big party. Instead we stayed home and let people visit us. Even better, no one in our house was ill. So, we enjoyed each other's company while Jonah went nuts with his new toys. As a bonus, since it was relatively warm, Jonah got to ride his new bike outside.

01/02/2012 - Yesterday was New Year's Day. As a treat, Nanci and I stayed in a hotel on New Year's Eve weekend. We walked around Downtown during the day and went out to dinner on New Year's Eve. By the way, don't ever eat at Birraporetti's. The wait staff doesn't even want to be there. The food is bad. Luckily it's expensive. But, we had fun anyway. It was our first chance to talk about topics that were not Samurai Power Ranger related. Things were going very well until we started to digest our food. Nanci got sick soon after dinner and was asleep by 10PM. I rocked the night a little longer because a movie was on. I was asleep soon after 11PM.

03/19/2012 - Last week was our first spring break with Jonah. Nanci took the week off and took Jonah all over. Seriously, in one week, they visited four counties. They went north to Conroe and visited a place that had bounce houses, a train ride, and petting zoo. They visited friends and family down in Fort Bend County. For one special day, they went to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Despite being a red head all of her life, Nanci forgot the sunscreen; and, they both got sun burnt. Jonah had the bat symbol painted over the breadth of his face. So, he now has a pale bat in the middle of his sun burnt face. Yet, he can't figure out why everyone keeps calling him Batman. Finally, they went down to Wharton County to see the progress on my Uncle's family compound. By the weekend, it was obvious they were both exhausted and needed a vacation.

This weekend was our anniversary. To celebrate, we went to dinner the night before at Perry's Steakhouse. That was actually a nice place. I mean, you can't see your food because it was so dark. But, whatever we ate, it tasted good. Since this year was our iron anniversary, Nanci gave me a replica of the Seal of Texas made of metal. I got her a piece of art that looks like a tree with animals on the branches. The art was fashioned by Haitians from an old oil drum lid. Next year's gift is supposed to be wool. Sweaters! Yea!

04/09/2012 - Happy Easter Monday! We had a pretty good Easter weekend. Good Friday didn't start off the best, though. We all had the day off and Nanci started baking very early in the morning. At some point the oven had to be cleaned. Well, our oven is self cleaning, which means it burns everything in it until they are just a pile of ashes. The up side is that the oven is easy to clean. The down side is that our house smells like smoke for hours. So, we jumped in the car, prayed the house wouldn't burn down in our absence, and went to the moves. We saw Mirror Mirror. Don't go see that movie. I put it just one knotch above Evita. After the movies we went to lunch at a restuarant that has an attended, indoor playground. Nanci and I ate. Jonah played. Then it was back home for more baking.

Saturday was quite eventful. While Nanci did more baking, Jonah and I went to church event where kids got to make Easter themed crafts and go on an egg hunt. We had a ball. And, we have enough crafts to open our own little store. Even better, we came home to pizza! Later in the day, we went down to Sugarland for Lisa's birthday at Outback Steak House. Nanci made a cake that was a real hit with the Outback staff.

Sunday was very relaxing. After church we took naps...well, Nanci baked too. But, she did get a nap. Then we went to Emily's side of the family's Easter party. They rock. They had the best egg hunt I've ever seen. Each egg had a corresponding prize...candy, lotto tickets, gift cards, chocolate fountain, hard liquor. Did I mention this hunt wasn't just for kids? But, both of them did participate. As a matter of fact, Jonah got the chocolate fountain. Anyway, the food was good and there were plenty of fun, interesting people with which to conversate. May have to go again next year...if only to win marshmellows for the chocolate fountain.